Grammar Cheat: Simple Present & Present Progressive

Simple Present and The Present Progressive
  1. Ann takes a shower every day.
  2. I usually read the news paper in the morning
  3. Babies cry. Birds fly


  • It doesn’t snow in Jakarta


  • Does the teacher speak slowly ?
The SIMPLE PRESENT expresses daily habit or usual activities, as in (1) and (2)The simple present expresses general statements of fact, as in (3)In sum, the simple present is used for event or situations that exist always, usually, or habitually in past, present and future

  1. Ann can’t come to the phone right now because she is taking a shower
  2. I am reading my grammar book right now
  3. Jim and Susie are babies. They are crying. i can hear them right now. Maybe they are hungry.


  • It isn’t snowing right now.


  • Is the teacher speaking right now ?
 The PRESENT PROGRESSIVE expresses an activity that is in progress (is occuring, is happening) right now.The event is in progress at the time at speaker is saying the sentence.The event began in the past, is in progress now and will probably continue into the future.

FORM: am, is, are + -ing


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