Single Series FusionChart XML


$q = "select KdKat as kode, short as nama from g3n_kategori";
$db = new MysqlImproved_Driver;
$ar = $db->datashet();

// constructor
$fc = new FusionCharts('Pie3D', 400, 300, true);
//setting path
// setting parameter
$fc->setChartParams("caption=Factory Sales;subCaption=Year 2007;bgColor=ffccff");

// add chart data
foreach($ar as $var=>$val){
    $fc->addChartData($val['kode'], "name=".$val['nama'].";color=ff0000;link=");

//change header
header('Content-type: text/xml');
// make it out
print $fc->getXML();



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just to remember what i had known :)

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