virtualbox cannot ping guest to guest

if you use virtualbox to guest (some) another operating system,

one guest operating system you use to server, one guest to develop

i use three guest operating systems,

first Windows XP. I use this operating system to develop with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate IDE

second Windows Server 2008 R2, this operating systems use to IIS server and Oracle Database

third Redhat Linux ES 5.6, i use this linux to Oracle Database

I use Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit to become host

each guest operating system use bridge networking to connect my LAN

let say, guest XP have ip

guest Win Server 2008 have ip

redhat guest have ip

and host ubuntu have ip

another time i have to develop application with C# (visual studio) which connect to ORacle Server windows

not problem in code, but when testing with connection oracle windows,  i cant connect

first thing first it must connection problem, check it with PING

from 223 (development)

from 222 (database)

ok lets try this

then now

yipie 😀

if you can’t connect, with bridge network, check the firewall


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just to remember what i had known :)

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