debug mobile web with opera-dragonfly opera-mobile

when you develop site, you can use FireFox Browser with add-ons like FireBug,

with FireBug you can debug JSon, POST or GET variables, HTML code, CSS script, and that is the most i like 😉

but there is something special when you develop website mobile (mobile-web) than develop website to desktop. when you develop mobile-web you need mobile browser, yup you need it.

You can use real browser handled (blackbery/android/iOS), just connect the handled with local network, set IP Address and use browser to open the server website (if we develop at LAN), or we can connect to HTTP if we develop at web hosted.

if you don’t have variation handled, you can use ‘handled emulator’, works properly like real handled browser and that the good choice when you must test with many handled operation system, many handled version, Emulator is cheap and great choice $-)

you need ‘handled/mobile browser’. you can have it once at blackberry emulator, or if you want something more ‘public use’ you can use opera-mobil browser (emulator).

have a emulator or real handled don’t mind your problem solve, there are some develop / debug problem,

its hard to you read code or ‘show source’ from handled, this is really annoying guessing the code effect

but that past-time, with opera desktop browser (i use version 11) and opera-mobile emulator i can debug the mobile web code

  1.  you must install the opera browser desktop goto opera web page
    download and install opera for your desktop/laptop computer
  2. download and install opera-mobile-emulator


  1. switch on opera browser desktop
  2. choose opera dragon fly menu
    opera dragonfly menu
  3. select remote debug, choose default port (7001), click Apply
    enable remote debug
  4. switch on opera mobile emulator, click Lauch
  5. at address bar opera-mobile emulator type opera:config
  6. setting ip and port connection pressConnect

    set ip port connection
    set ip port connection
  7. browsing mobile site

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just to remember what i had known :)

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