svn resumming checkout

some times you doing checkout (download source) a source-code with svn, and something unexpected happen interrupt your checkout.
the interrupt like power-down, slow internet connection which make your connection with svn server Timed Out .
if the source is so big and you in the middle of checkout, you can resuming the checkout which state interrupt happened,

in my case, i had doing svn in folder

~/WORKPAD$ svn co

i having connection approximately 40KB/s and sometime its unstable to download big-data, my isp name is SMARTFREN
and becouse its unstable i got this

svn timeout

in svn, if you got unexpected stopped checkout you can resuming from the state where you stop

  1. use cd to folder where svn create
    ~/WORKPAD$ cd trunk
  2. in trunk folder execute svn update
    ~/WORKPAD/trunk$ svn up
svn update

the ” A  3d/tracker3D/data/video.avi” mean “svn update”  added file video.avi to local source

reference :


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just to remember what i had known :)

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