Salesman that Went to Hell

… the salesman decided that “Hell” is his next place and signed a contract for a permanent stay. Feeling proud that he had the privilege and made the right choice, with full of joy, he stepped into Hell, only to find out that it was shockingly different from what was shown before …

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One day, a salesman reached the end of his life. As he was ascending the path in the next-life realm, an angle greeted him graciously at the gate and said “Welcome to His Palace. I am pleased to tell you that you have privilege to pick your next place yourself”. Getting used to giving options, the salesman replied “Great, so what are my options?”. The Angel beckoned him to follow and stopped at one place with signboard that said “Heaven”. As the gate opened, the salesman felt the blast of heat coming from what seemed like big furnace with some visible tongue of fires dancing wildly. He stepped back and screamed “Get me out of here and show me the other option!” As the tour continued, they came to another gate that said “Hell”. As the gate swung open, he could feel the twinge of sweet perfume in the cool…

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just to remember what i had known :)

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