PHP – Image to Base64 String

<title>Image to Base64 String</title>
<legend>Image to Base64 String</legend>
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This code will help you to learn how we can convert an image into a base64 string!!
//$file = File Image yang ingin di encode
//Filetype: JPEG,PNG,GIF
$file = "khansa.jpg";
if($fp = fopen($file,"rb", 0))
$gambar = fread($fp,filesize($file));

$base64 = chunk_split(base64_encode($gambar));
$encode = '<img src="data:image/jpg/png/gif;base64,' . $base64 .'" >';
echo $encode;
<br><textarea name="text_area" rows="20" cols="70"> <? echo $encode; ?> </textarea>
<p><input type="button" value="Select All Code" onClick="javascript:this.form.text_area.focus();;"></p>


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