phpmyadmin – multiple host

using phpmyadmin to manage multiple host

the default, phpmyadmin only host to localhost, there’s no other choice host database


the problem when you have multiple host database mysql and still love phpmyadmin a client database

solution you can create multiple host database in php myadmin

# edit phpmyadmin config file
geany /var/www/phpmyadmin/

the default config


change to


 * Servers configuration

$i = 0;

$_default_cfg_server = array(
    'auth_type' => 'cookie',
    'verbose'    => 'localhost',
    'host'        => 'localhost',
    'connect_type'=> 'tcp',
    'compress'    => false,
    'AllowNoPassword' => true

$servers = array(
    array(), // this our localhost, so let it be
        'verbose' => 'Stela DB',
        'host'    => '123.456.789.012'

foreach($servers as $svr) 
    $cfg['Servers'][++$i] = array_merge($_default_cfg_server, $svr);

save and refresh phpmyadmin login page


now your phpmyadmin have multiple host




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