node.js – express_generator from jade to pug

when using express generator default will using jade as template generator, the problem is jade is renamed with pug. when it running will out warn deprecated message

npm WARN deprecated jade@1.11.0: Jade has been renamed to pug, ...

this how I set up express, express_generator and using it to generate folder for project

# install express and express_generator
$ npm install -g express
$ npm install -g express_generator

# set using express to generate our project
$ mkdir -p ~/projects && cd ~/projects
$ express web_rest && cd web_rest

# open package.json file
$ nano package.json
# change jade to pug (line 14)
# "jade": "1.11.0",
# to
# "pug": "^2.0.0-rc.2",

# open app.js
$ nano app.js
# change view engine to pug (line 15)
# app.set('view engine', 'jade');
# to 
# app.set('view engine', 'pug');

# rename all jade extention to pug in views folder
$ cd views
$ mv error.jade error.pug
$ mv index.jade index.pug
$ mv layput.jade layout.pug

# back to main dir
$ cd ..

# install node_module
$ npm install
# install start, start will using to for running the server
# check file package.json for script
$ npm install -g start

# start the project
$ npm start

# test with curl
$ curl http://localhost:3000



codeigniter – shared error hosting debug

problem implement in shared hosting, you cannot doing “tail -f error_log”, the error_log from cpanel being silent.¬† no clue why the page gave you blank page.

and you start shout “its works in my machine” .

this page i dedicated to write, what i m doing to trace the error in development to production

0 – backup all code from hosting

it must, countless debug and modify runing code, and forget what have you done. backup it to local or else where,.

1 Рtry running the production code  in development environtment, see the log

2 – using meld or same function software to equal code or file